On 15 December 2012, the Swiss public chose a group from the Salvation Army as Switzerland’s entry for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The instantly likeable combination of Sarah, Christoph, Katharina, Emil, Michel and Jonas won over the audience with their rock ballad “You And Me”.

The group rechristened itself “Takasa” to comply with the rules laid down by the Eurovision Song Contest organisers. This enigmatic name means “to make pure” in Swahili, and epitomises the pure joie de vivre and love of music that the band embodies. It also represents their spirituality.


Takasa is made up of six individuals for whom music is a passion. Sarah is 21 years young, and Emil celebrated his 95th birthday in February. They are brought together by a shared love of music and belief in God.


Katharina, Sarah, Emil, Michel, Christoph and Jonas are as happy playing their music on the street as they are in church, as comfortable in a prison as they are in the Federal Parliament Building. Takasa’s journey will now take them on to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

True to their motto of “together we’re one”, this unconventional group – featuring the oldest Eurovision contestant ever – offers a performance of perfect harmony that is completely in tune with the “we are one” theme of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. 

“You And Me” was written by Hitmill Records. It describes the tensions in today’s society and how the “you and me” relationship between individuals is the only real way to resolve them. The group believes it is important for people to get along with each other across the generations, and to find unity in shared values. Takasa is a shining example of this timeless and topical message.


Winning the Swiss competition to find the national Eurovision entry for 2013 inspired Takasa to make an album of music for Europe. Together with the successful Zurich-based Hitmill production team, which wrote “You And Me”, they put together a unique CD in just a few short weeks. Once again, it takes up the theme of building bridges and finding common ground. In keeping with this philosophy, the new songs were not only recorded by Takasa themselves but, following their lead, by a variety of music groups from all over Europe which came together especially for this project. As a result, the album “Together We’re One” features the typical folk sounds and instruments from the countries from which the bands come. Of course the CD would be incomplete without “You And Me” – this time in a unique “Europe” version, performed by musicians from 14 different European countries.

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